Where it all began - Ahimsa Silk

As a bit of background to The Ethical Silk Company and what we're about - I'm posting here about the particular type of silk we (only) use. Back when I was researching about silk, I watched a documentary on silk production that showed the silk worms being boiled alive in order to extract the silk. I thought this was just horrible and began looking for an alternative. Eventually I found Ahimsa Silks, whose methods of raw silk extraction ensures we have access to the most eco friendly mulberry silk available on the market today, so you can rest easy when using any of our products.

Kusuma Rajaiah established Ahimsa Silks in 2001.  Kusuma has over 40 years experience in the silk production industry and struggled for many years to create a process where no harm would come to the silk worm. After years of research into developing new methods, he made a breakthrough in 1991. This developed into the creation of the commercial entity, Ahimsa Silks.

This eco-friendly silk is extracted after the silkworm has completed metamorphosis, and has emerged from the cocoon as a moth. Each cocoon is then checked individually to ensure that the moth has emerged before the silk thread is spun. This piercing of the cocoon results in many pieces of yarn instead of one continuous thread, which must be spun together to make a single thread. 

This is a laborious process, making it more costly than regular silk (hence we only sell direct to our customers). The amount of silk is also reduced, as in comparison with the traditional method where a single cocoon yields 500m of continuous yarn, this non-violent method produces only 60-70m of broken yarn from a single cocoon. The quality of ahimsa silk is softer and fine than regular silk, with a more subtle pearl sheen.

I fell in love with this eco-friendly silk as soon as I saw and felt it - it's natural sheen and texture is just fabulous so there's an extra plus aside from the eco-friendly factor. 

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