The incessant desire for the 10/10 nap

Tips for a successful nap

1. Find a quiet, dark place where you can lie down and use a blanket if the room is chilly (We also recommend sleeping on a silk pillowcase but you may draw unwanted attention if you're trying to slip away in the office with a pillow under your arm).

2. Keep it short and set your alarm - a nap of up to 20mins is enough to enhance alertness and concentration, as well as boosting your mood. Longer than this means the deeper sleep cycle you go into can lead to grogginess upon waking.

3. Make a nap part of your schedule - you’ll look forward to it and a well-timed nap can make you more productive (stress this to your boss), so plan ahead.

4. A caffeine wake up - take a nap after a coffee as the caffeine takes 20mins to have effect leading you to have the benefit of a nap and a caffeine hit upon waking. 

5. Don’t go napping too close to your usual bedtime – Simply put, it will make it harder to fall asleep at night. The ideal time? Researchers have found that between 1 – 3pm approximately is when were most likely to feel sleepy (not at all because of that big lunch with a glass of wine, not at all), so it’s a good place to start. 

So there you have it, go ahead and enjoy a snooze!