Simple Love

Valentine’s Day - I don’t want to shun it completely, what’s the harm in being reminded to express your love for your nearest and dearest? But it sometimes feels too contrived, as if you simply must receive a card, roses, chocolates and an expensive dinner out or there’s something up with your relationship! 

But we can enjoy Valentine’s Day without feeling like we are doing it for the sake of it.  How do you really want to spend the 14th February? How can you make it special? As ever, it’s the little things. You can spoil your loved ones in memorable, meaningful ways and have a really special evening by delighting the senses without succumbing to the expensive trappings. So stay in on Tuesday night and keep it cozy!

1) Cozy up
The weather is beyond cold at the moment, and nothing is more cheering on these dreadful evenings than a cozy fire. It’s my favorite thing. For those of you who don’t have an open fire or stove, using lots of candlelight will help create that relaxing, flickering glow.  Very ‘hygge’ altogether!

2) Get your taste-buds tingling
Make this spiced-chocolate aphrodisiac mousse from the fabulous Susan Jane White.  I love her decadent yet healthy sweet treats and this one is fabulous. A perfect Valentine’s treat, and so easy you’ll be making it again and again  This will get your heart racing!

3) Dump the digital distractions: 
Turn the TV and all your digital devices off! It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by all the digital stimuli around us and it plays havoc with our personal relationships.  It’s great to play some of your favorite music, and give your partner some time and attention, away from social media.

4) Get some scents
The inhalation of aroma triggers varying emotional and physical responses in people and there’s nothing as pleasing to my nose than some wonderful essential oils.  Many essential oils have aphrodisiac qualities such as rose. (if it’s good enough for Cleopatra..) neroli, sandalwood, vanilla and jasmine.  The easiest way to use essential oils is to heat the in an oil burner, but if you’re up to creating a massage lotion or oil - go for it! 

5) Go to bed!
Or at least, get to bed earlier, snuggle up together in freshly laundered sheets, and silk pillowcases, and feel the glow the next morning knowing you got your beauty sleep. That is, if you get your sleep ;) 

Happy Valentine’s xx