Original prints by Aoife Challis

With our latest loungewear collection in mind, I approached Aoife Challis, an Irish print designer, to work on the new prints for it. Our printing unit in Jaipur use block printing for our designs, an Indian artisan technique that has been passed down for generations. I just love the practice of block printing (I’ll write up another blog on this again) as it is all done by hand, making each piece truly unique. Wanting to continue to use this print production rather than digital printing, it was imperitive to work with a designer who understood the nature and implications of block printing - cue Aoife.

Working together, Aoife was quick to identify the geometric, art deco inspired print I had in mind and after various designs and tweaks, she created the beautiful print we have today! For extra versatility I wanted to use a color scheme that matched with our classic range of natural ivory and lunar grey pieces and the pink and blue colorways did that perfectly. 

Alongside working on her own projects, Aoife is part of a group of artists who run PrintBlock, a textile printing facility in Dublin, Ireland,  that helps develop the industry through education, workshops and master classes, whilst fostering professional networks between designers and trade. Here's a few examples of Aoife's work (check out the beautiful tig plates), feel free to lose some time on her Instagram page too @aoifechallis